Ms. Ambika Iyer

ARICHUVADI ACADEMY PRE SCHOOL initiated by Ms. Ambika Iyer who is an educationalist and a professional classical dancer. She has a vision and passion to the cause of education.  This made her to start an institution, which imparts all the holistic development of the future generation.  This institution has only one aim of ultimate quality education to all and also emphasis on women empowerment.


Empowering the young mind–“Imparting knowledge to the young”,is at the very core of our heart and souland in whateverwe do The first experience within the institutional setting has an ever lasting impact on child and greatly enhances the future learning experience

Our Child Development Program is aimed at:

  • Encouraging curiosity among the young minds

  • Being inquisitive about everything in their daily lives

  • Invoking the thinking capabilities

  • Interactiveclassroom and outdoor sessions

Our caring, qualified and experienced teachersimpart holistic development skills to child for achievingimportant milestones under the Child Development Programs.

We continuously learn, evolve and provide the best to our children


Early years are very crucial for the child’s development and we continuously encourage children to achieve important learning goals of

  1. Building confidence

  2. Learning social skills

  3. Developing a good foundation in numeracy & literacy

  4. Developing extra-curricular activitie

We strongly believe that the children are curious, active and competent learners. Hence  we aspire to

  1. Nurture their curiosityby exploring and discovering the world

  2. Encourage active learningof the children by experimenting and experiencing

  3. Foster their competenceto develop their thinking and reasoning skills

  4. Encourage their non-academic skills enabling the child’s mind to have a balanced growth & development

Our all-inclusive educational philosophy caters to the developmental needs of the child in an increasingly challenging academic environment

Our non-academic curriculum is designed to include social and emotional well-being which plays a significant role in a child’s development. The extra-curricular activities provide opportunities to learn and develop their interests in the fields of arts and music.

Our various activities and the day-to-day experiences provide children an opportunity to enrich their knowledge in a fun and exciting way while they develop long lasting social abilities


We continuously aspire to succeed in our ability to provide the necessary knowledge and experience for the child’s well-rounded development in the early years and nurture them with the necessary academic excellence, important social skills to be confident and successful in facing the future challenges.